About Us

Necessary Provisions is a casual neighbourhood place for the community to
enjoy simple meals with dear friends and family. Created by several
likeminded folks wanting to serve honest food and drinks, it seeks
authenticity in going back to basics. After operating Henry
Congressional, a 6 months pop-up cafe at Henry Park, we were on the hunt
for a new space. Currently located in the corner of Eng Kong Terrace, it
has brought the community closer and found loyalty with daily patrons.

We are passionate about great coffee, fine teas, craft beers and homemade
food. Our coffee beans are sourced from coffee estates around the world
and roasted with finesse. We focus on extracting the best flavours by
cupping and tasting several blends seasonally. The result of these
meticulous steps is the home blend ,Thumper, a combination of three to
four different beans carefully paired for a balance cup.

Our single origin fine teas are served in their purest form. They, too,
are sourced from various countries which produce quality leaves and
handled delicately.

For the hops and malt lovers, we offer Moor Beer from Somerset (UK) and
Mornington (Australia) fresh off the tap. The British beer takes pride in
traditional brewing methods and strong refreshing flavours; the Australian
beers honor their craft in quality ingredients and occasional micro-brews.

The food we choose to serve are homemade with fine quality seasonal
ingredients. Our menu takes delight in local delicacies, sandwiches, fresh
handmade pastas, daily sweet treats and changes periodically. We are
always looking for creative inspiration for new dishes , but remaining
sincere with just bare necessities.

Gather some good company, a thick book or drop in for a quick chat, either
way come dwell in the simple pleasures of life with us.