Lining up the beers…


We’re always on the lookout for honest quality and we’re glad to say that we’ve found two microbreweries that do that.
Moor Beer Co is a microbrewery that prides themselves in producing strongly flavourful beers of exceptional character. Tucked in the lush suburbs of Somerset(UK), Justin and the crew only use traditionally fermented Tuckers Malt and high quality hops. How a birthday present of Fermenters turned into a family business only means love and passion.
A bunch of neighbours, gathered to celebrate a victory at the Footie, started hatching great ideas about new beers and a brewery. Ideas that turned into reality when Mornington Peninsula Brewery, or affectionately known as MP Brew, churned out its first batch of beers 2010. They were simply fantastic! With a head brewer who hails from Mountain Goat, Matilda Bay and 5 Islands, their brews are refreshingly outstanding. Great ideas, are usually the simplest.