Thumper Blend / Rosemary Chicken


We started simple. In a heartwarming neighborhood with little to offer but plenty of opportunity to grow space. Going back to basics, we focus on delivering honest coffee and food.

While creating our espresso blends, we focus on bringing out the best in tastefully selected coffee beans. They are sourced from various farmers across the globe and shipped seasonally. They remain fresh, and are roasted with finesse to extract flavourful fine qualities. Each roast is followed by an elaborate cupping session and paired to form a blend. Our current Thumper blend consists of natural Brazil Fanzenda Passeio, washed Honduras El Chollo and Guatemala Fince San Andres.

The earliest food on the menu is our favourite rosemary chicken sandwich. The chicken is bought from the local wet market and freshly roasted every morning with sprigs of garden rosemary. They are then carefully sliced, layered on a handful of watercress and topped with parmigiano cheese. The sandwich uses a soft ciabatta bread, which is toasted until crisp on both sides and ready to serve when the cheese has melted. Accompanied with a cup of coffee, it becomes a rustic and delightful meal.

At Necessary Provisions, we strive to balance ordinary pleasures with food and drinks. While welcoming patrons to indulge and leave with a heartfelt experience.