two steps back and one step forward


As of late, we have been occupied with expanding our menu. After a year into our current dishes, we have been exploring more with the authenticity of our ingredients and cooking.


The day for the kitchen starts with a visit to the local wet market, picking up fresh produce, tender chicken breast, quality beef cuts and fat prawns/squids. If we get lucky, there are the occasional tiger prawns, spare chicken bones, sweet Pakistan chuansa mangos and violet baby aubergines. Right before the morning crowd arrives, it’s straight back into the kitchen, where we take our time to make the best out of them.

The ovens will be preheated to an ideal temperature, unsalted butter sitting at the counter waiting to be used, sounds of meat sizzling on hot pans and sauces bubbling, cake batter rises beyond the baking tins and dishes piling up in the sink. The day continues as we prep for sandwiches and the baristas dial in the coffee beans. At the chef’s table, espressos are exchanged for cakes. As the crew tastes the day’s treats and coffee, we discuss what can be done better, the quality, the flavor profiles and be ready for the day.


After lunch time, its time to make pasta. Our pasta is freshly handmade (almost) everyday, depending on how much is needed, we scale 00 flour & egg, let it come together, knead it, cover it with a dry towel and let it develop its gluten. When it is ready, we roll with one of our heaviest equipment in the kitchen, the pasta machine. No doubt it is also reliable, quiet and very satisfying to work with.


The rest of the mise en place carries on until evening service starts. Handmade savory scones, slicing varieties of potatoes for the crisp, mincing garlic and so on.

Before the sun starts to set, the managers and crew will gather in the kitchen to talk about whats available for dinner. There will be some tasting, early dinners, casual banters and loud laughters. It is always great to keep everyone at their toes as well as at their best with a good spirit in the air. Our identity holds with taking two steps back, slowing it down with the day and reflecting upon real food, drinks and people.


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As we continue to improve ourselves, find inspirations and keep it simple, we will strive towards a tangible and sustainable way of living.